TheraScribe Essential 1.0

   TheraScribe Essential 1.0 is a flexible, cost-effective treatment planning and client record management system for the mental health professional working in a solo practice. Targeted to the busy therapist, TE 1.0 provides out-of-the-box functionality as well as nearly infinite expandability, to help users create a truly custom--and affordable--system that will meet the specific needs of their practice.

TE 1.0 includes all of the key functions of TheraScribe 5.0, without the bells and whistles that are useful only to larger practices and advanced users. The basic package includes prewritten treatment planning language for one population--either adults, adolescents, children, or addicts. Users may purchase additional treatment planning modules for other populations, as well as progress note and homework modules to expand the functionality in their preferred areas.

Therapists will find that TE 1.0 saves them time; speeds managed care reimbursement; allows them to create more effective treatment plans; and best of all frees up more time to spend with clients (or to use marketing their practice). Whether users opt for the basic package or choose to customize TE 1.0 for their unique practice, there is no more complete, flexible, and efficient system for treatment planning and client record management.