TheraScribe® 5.0 Enterprise Edition

    If you have a practice with 10 or more clinicians, TheraScribe® 5.0 Enterprise Edition is the best choice for you—allowing you to network 10 or more computers for optimal efficiency.* TheraScribe® 5.0 Enterprise Edition’s user-friendly, Windows®-based design helps you generate complete and effective treatment plans quickly and easily.

    TheraScribe® 5.0 Enterprise Edition offers you the option to choose from over 20 different client populations and treatment settings. Each Treatment Planner Add-On CD Module features over 1,000 pre-written, behaviorally based, primary and secondary presenting definitions, DSM-IV-TR™ diagnoses, treatment goals, short- and long-term objectives, and interventions. The software also meets the standards of all major accrediting agencies such as NCQA, JCAHO, and other federal and state agencies as well as most third-party payers, HMOs, and managed care companies.


*TheraScribe® 5.0 Enterprise Edition runs on a Microsoft SQL Server®—check with your network administrator to make sure TheraScribe® 5.0 will run on your system—or contact our TheraScribe® consultants to get more information.