Psychotherapy Treatment Planning DVD

     Many practitioners are challenged to assimilate results from psychotherapy research into their treatment plans. This DVD addresses this knowledge gap and will help make mental health agency administrators and clinical professionals aware of the empirically supported treatments clinicians need to learn in order to remain in compliance with governmental and accrediting standards. This first DVD in the Evidence-Based Psychotherapy Treatment Video Series provides a succinct history and critique of the evidence-based treatment movement including therapist and client factors, outcome measurement, the therapeutic relationship, and transportability and applicability.

After watching this DVD you should be able to:

  • Summarize the history of the development of empirically supported treatment
  • Explain how empirically supported psychological treatments have been identified
  • Compare the distinction between empirically supported treatments and an evidence-based practice
  • State the advantages of using empirically supported treatments as part of an evidence-based practice
  • Define limitations of empirically supported treatments
  • Identify what the clinician can do to obtain the goal of having an evidence-based practice
  • List the six steps in building a clear psychotherapy treatment plan
  • Explain the process of constructing a psychotherapy treatment plan and informing it with empirically supported treatments