Evidence-Based Treatment Planning DVD’s

     The Evidence-Based Treatment Planning Video Series offers step-by-step guidance on how to use empirically supported treatments to inform the entire treatment planning process.  In a viewer-friendly manner, Drs. Art Jongsma and Tim Bruce define empirically supported treatment, describe levels of evidence criteria, and examine the essential elements of treatment planning.


     The introductory video focuses on the history and details of the development of evidence-based treatment along with examining the pros and cons of using empirically supported treatment.  The clinically focused videos closely define the diagnosis of the presenting problem and then identify empirically supported treatment (EST) interventions that can be applied in psychotherapy sessions.  Demonstrations of the EST methods are presented through role-play enactments of counseling sessions.  Understanding and applying the information learned from the DVD’s increases the likelihood of client improvement and helps you meet the requirements of most accrediting agencies and funding sources.