Practice Planner Series Overview

Psychotherapy Treatment Planners

  • Supplies all of the essential building blocks needed to create focused, formal psychotherapy treatment plans.
  • Thousands of carefully-crafted statements that describe problems,goals, objectives and interventions
  • An extensive menu of suggestions for clinically tested treatment options
  • Books with broad treatment populations (e.g. Complete Adult, Adolescent, Child, Chemical Despendence) and more focused populations (e.g. Older Adult, Group Therapy, Couples)
  • Treatment Planners

Homework Planners

  • Contain ready-to-copy psychotherapy homework assignments
  • Each assignment may be customized using the enclosed disk
  • Assignments grouped by applicable presenting problem, such as anger management, depression, ADD and oppositional defiant.
  • Homework Planner

Progress Notes Planners

  • Prewritten progress note statements that are keyed to presenting problems from the best selling treatment planners
  • Statements delineate Patient Presentation and Session Description
  • Patient Presentation statements show progress over treatment phases
  • Session Description statements delineate the intervention focus of the session
  • Progess Notes Planners

Handout Planners

  • Fact-filled handouts on various psychological and emotional disorders and life skills techniques
  • Listings of resources where clients can go for reliable, in-depth information
  • Handouts that provide educational information on a wide variety of mental health issues
  • A CD-ROM that contains handouts in a PDF format-allowing you to easily print out and distribute them to suit you, your clients', and your practice's unique style and needs
  • Handout Planners

TheraScribe® 5.0

  • Create a treatment plan by accessing content from over 30 optionally available Treatment Planner modules for a variety of patient populations and approaches.
  • Use the Treatment Planner libraries to select appropriate behavioral definitions (symptoms) of the selected presenting problem, long-term goals, patient's short term objectives, therapist's interventions and DSM-IV™ diagnoses.
  • Import optionally available prewritten Progress Notes modules which are directly tied to the treatment plan symptom and intervention lists. Select from over 1,000 progress note statements to create a note which is integrated with the treatment plan.
  • Import optionally available Homework modules to include assignments in the treatment plan and to review, customize, and print the assignment for the patient.
  • "Point and click" on your selections, and TheraScribe® 5.0 writes your client's individualized treatment plan and prints it out in a professional document that is beautifully organized and easily legible.
  • Additional windows let you specify patient data, psychosocial history, treatment modality, provider credentials, and prognosis and much more.
  • TheraScribe® 5.0: More Information and Sample Screens

Documentation Sourcebooks

  • Provide all the forms and records needed to run a practice
  • Ready-to-copy forms are also available on disk to be customized and printed
  • Psychoeducational handout materials and data collection forms available to be copied or customized from included floppy disk
  • Documentation Sourcebooks

Evidenced-Based Treatment Planning DVD’s

  • Offer step-by-step guidance on how to use empirically supported treatments to inform the entire treatment planning process.

  • Define evidence-based treatment, describe levels of evidence criteria, and examine the essential elements of treatment planning.

  • Educate and inform as to the research supported interventions available for a variety of presenting problems.

  • Use authentic role-plays to illustrate empirically supported treatment interventions from several common clinical diagnoses (e.g., depression, panic, social anxiety).

  • Evidence-Based Treatment